Syspro ERP in Distribution

SYSPRO Distribution solutions provide the technology to manage a supply chain from end to end. Our highly developed distribution solutions enable maximum control and flexibility over operations and inventory and are ideally suited to single and multi-site, domestic and international operations, where operational efficiency is fundamental to success.

As SYSPRO is a real time system, all information regarding purchase and sales orders, credit limits and inventory status, is always up to date.

Key benefits within SYSPRO Distribution:

  • Allows tracking of items from the source to their current location and to identify all cost elements associated with the movement of goods.
  • Facilitates sales analysis for market planning, demand analysis for replenishment planning and cost/revenue analysis for profitability decision purposes pertaining to contracts, quotes and channel product mix.
  • Provides the ability to trace items back to the source, track them from the source to their current location and identify all cost elements associated with the movement of the goods.
  • Furthers contract management, cross reference labeling, returned merchandise authorization and tracking by serial or lot number. Additionally, real time, seamless integration to customer relationship management (US availability) provides the benefits of partner relationship management and sales force automation.
  • Is characterized by order fulfillment flexibility featuring unparalleled resources for single and multi-site operations, single and multi-warehouse/multi-bin sourcing and costing, global shipping, accurate landed costs for importers, purchase order options, quoting and estimating, serial and/or lot number tracking and counter sales for make-to-stock retail.
  • Offers an automated shipping system that facilitates the cost and timesaving ability to consolidate orders on one invoice or multiple deliveries on one order or across multiple orders.

Internet Buy and Sell Side Solution

SYSPRO’s comprehensive distribution capabilities are further enhanced through Internet buy and sell side solutions. SYSPRO Solutions provides customers with access to information, order visibility, on-line self-services and greater communications – all integral to the critical concept of value-added fulfillment. At the same time, it enables SYSPRO software users to take advantage of Internet transmissions of purchase orders, production schedules and electronic procurement using supplier catalogs.

SYSPRO Distribution integrates seamlessly with SYSPRO Financials and Manufacturing.

SYSPRO Blanket Sales Orders provides an effective method of setting up contracts between Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) and their supplier by allowing blanket sales orders with multiple release dates, multiple call-offs and cumulative tracking.

An underlying problem for suppliers is the time it takes to action a new release and the ability of management to examine the ramifications of any changes. The process is inherently difficult and error-prone, often resulting in the supplier incurring penalties for stopping the OEM’s assembly line. The supplier is neither able to check timely that the OEMs are adhering to the contract, nor do they have time to establish their own capability of meeting the new requests. This results in missed delivery dates, emergency purchasing and production control in a permanent state of expediting. The Blanket Sales Orders and Releases system is designed to address these problems.

It enables the easy capture or import of a new release and provides the necessary tools to manipulate the release and advise the customer of what has been accepted or changed and why. It enables updating of existing scheduled orders automatically, and provides an audit trail of deliveries so that disputes over quantities supplied to date can be resolved. It also enables the various tasks to be subdivided so that the appropriate level of staff can be employed for each function.

The Facts
The Benefits of Blanket Sales Orders and Releases

  • Filter changes in orders quickly to schedule purchasing, manufacturing and dispatching in order to achieve the customer’s request
  • Advise customers of the practicality of changes and communicate these changes to internal supplying department
  • Provide easy access to quantities delivered and outstanding per contract
  • Detailed query provides access to sales order lines, customer information and release history
  • Easy reconciliation according to individual quantities or cumes
  • Sales can define the parameters and contractual arrangements negotiated with the OEM
  • Entry clerks and/or EDI methods can be used to quickly record a new release
  • Management can review the new request comparing it with base data, contractual arrangements and production practicality. They can manipulate it to suit their needs and capability and accept the results

Blanket Sales Orders and Releases Features

  • Control the parameters as well as the negotiated contractual arrangements
  • Define the number of days before a ship date to allocate inventory
  • Review and manipulate requests according to current capacity prior to acceptance
  • Allow simple manual and/or EDI receipt of releases and call-offs
  • Automated balancing and correction of opening balances
  • Extensive visual decision-support comparing existing plans and contractual arrangements before accepting changes
  • Recorded new releases manually or through EDI
  • Cross reference customer and supplier stock codes
  • In-transit figure visible during confirmation phase
  • Record notes against a release during confirmation
  • On-line release history query by month and year

Integration with SYSPRO

  • Accounts Receivable (Essential)
  • Inventory (Essential)
  • Sales Orders (Essential)
  • Requirements Planning

Audit trails and reporting

  • The Deliveries History report produces an audit trail of all invoices indicating whether they have been received
  • The Release Acknowledgments report lists all confirmed releases

SYSPRO Counter Sales facilitates over-the-counter sales transactions by accepting payments or deposits efficiently. It is used to sell stock directly to a customer and enables immediate stock allocation and payment as it is done at the point of transaction.

The Facts
The Benefits of Counter Sales

  • Multiple cash drawer facility
  • Provide fast, accurate information to customers at the counter
  • Prevent sales to customers in excess of their credit terms
  • Daily cash receipts and sales reports
  • Provide counter sales personnel with a complete on-line information system at the time of sale
  • Give access to real-time information of customer sales, inventory movement and cash receipts during order entry
  • Provide query of on-screen cash sales, deposit history and transactions
  • Multiple deposits receipts and cash receipts against accounts
  • Various payment types

Counter Sales Features

  • Control operator access to customer, sales and inventory information according to authorization levels
  • Process sales and receipts in any currency
  • Handle split payments, credit cards or checks, and calculate the change due
  • Automatically handle complex pricing structures such as contract pricing and discounts right at the counter
  • Allocate sales to individual sales people for reporting and commissions
  • Process back orders
  • Process sales using customer’s or supplier’s stock code
  • Sell non-stocked or stocked items
  • Apply freight and miscellaneous charges
  • Provide the ability to sell serialized or lot traceable items with warranty tracking
  • Accept deposits and payments against regular orders
  • Apply deposits in full or partially as payments
  • Option to auto-deplete lots and bins
  • Facility to process a payment against any customer

Integration with SYSPRO

  • Accounts Receivable (Essential)
  • Bill of Materials
  • Cash Book
  • Inventory
  • Lot Traceability
  • Sales Analysis
  • Sales Orders (Essential)

Audit trails and reporting

  • Reconciliation against cash drawer and balance
  • Complete audit trails on cash sales and receipts
  • Separate routine to purge and print transactions
  • Sales profitability reports by line item
  • Minimum profit check by stock code
  • Reports on operator price overrides



To extend the benefits of the SYSPRO enterprise system by supplying all the key components of customer and supplier management in a single module that seamlessly integrates to back office accounting and ERP functionality, as well as Microsoft front office programs.

Sales Features

  • Manage sale opportunities
  • Create and link opportunities to specific accounts
  • Define unlimited number of fields/forms/folders against opportunities
  • Maintain a complete history of activities with unlimited notes
  • Create and link appointments, tasks and activities
  • Execute graphical sales pipeline reports in real-time based on user- defined metrics
  • Track key sales milestones
  • Utilize sales process management features
  • Analyze competitors, buying issues and project trends
  • Store knowledge base of competitor information
  • Produce sales expense and win/loss analysis
  • Extensive reporting capabilities

Marketing Features

  • Established campaign records for unlimited userdefined campaign types
  • Define unlimited number of fields/forms/folders against campaigns
  • Create and link appointments, tasks and activities
  • Attach unlimited documents of various types
  • Track estimated budgets and actual expenses
  • Link account responses and opportunities
  • Generate revenue forecast
  • Illustrate real-time profitability analysis
  • Execute Email or fax broadcasts and direct mailings

Service Features

  • Establish user-defined Service Level Agreements per account
  • Affiliate and track user-defined warranty programs for inventoried items
  • Log and track service tickets for specific accounts related to serial or lot traceable items
  • Route and escalate reported service tickets automatically based on user-defined rules
  • Create and link appointments, tasks and activities to service tickets
  • Define unlimited number of fields/forms/folders against service tickets
  • Maintain a complete history per service ticket
  • Populate and utilize the natural language knowledge base
  • Perform extensive searches for problem resolution’

Integrated Accounting

  • Combine prospects with SYSPRO customers and suppliers in the same CRM database
  • Convert prospects to customers or suppliers directly from CRM
  • Synchronizes accounts, contacts, phone numbers, bill-to and ship-to addresses
  • Queries the SYSPRO accounting database real time from CRM
  • Produce quotes and purchase orders in real time
  • Create SYSPRO sales orders directly from CRM
  • View accounting activities directly from account records
  • Accesses rights-based, field in screen level security on accounting functions

Other Key CRM Features

  • Fulfillment – a feature-rich literature inventory and mail request management system
  • Reporting – a comprehensive built-in report writer for generating and executing internal and external report
  • Executive view – provides graphical views of Sales and Opportunities and Service Tickets for high-level analysis


  • SYSPRO CRM integrates with SYSPRO Accounts Receivable, Accounts Payable, Sales Orders and Quotation modules
  • Bi-directional synchronization with MS Outlook
  • Synchronize remote/off-line databases


SYSPRO Inventory enables effective customer servicing and improved profits by providing superior inventory that optimizes stocking levels.

It forms the core of the accounting, distribution and manufacturing facilities and is designed to integrate with all the major functions of the systems and to provide flexible reporting on inventory holdings. All movements against inventory items are recorded and can be reported on. Features include multiple warehouses and bin numbers, multiple costing methods, a full Kardex facility, a stock take system and extensive reporting.

The Facts
The Benefits of Inventory

  • Effective control of supply and demand
  • Powerful queries include history and graphics
  • Flexible pricing and costing options
  • Identify key suppliers of items
  • Specify approved manufacturers
  • Extensive serial tracking with expiration dates

Inventory Features

  • Replenishment rules by item
  • Available to Promise calculation feature
  • Cost method defined per warehouse (average, standard, last, LIFO, or FIFO)
  • Retain cost in unit of measure other than stocking
  • Powerful pricing options (quantity, discounted, contract pricing, and more)
  • Globally change cost and selling prices
  • Track transfers between warehouses
  • Order policies and order modifiers defined at warehouse level
  • Multiple bin locations specified per warehouse
  • Multiple units of measure per item
  • Optional two-phased receiving
  • Backflush items with short manufacturing cycles
  • Lead times and dock-to-stock for realistic time-phasing
  • Record notes per item for purchasing, sales and manufacturing, including technical specs and dangerous goods handling
  • Place stock codes on hold
  • Robust physical inventory system
  • Cross-reference supplier and customer stock codes
  • Assign same serial number to multiple items
  • Browse stock items using multimedia images
  • Group inventory items into sales kits
  • Calculate minimum quantity based on usage
  • Facilitate bar code integration
  • Extensive security options for maintaining Inventory information
  • Actual cost tracking for lot traceable and batch serialized items
  • Ability to reserve stock

Integration with SYSPRO

  • General Ledger
  • Activity Based Costing
  • Sales Orders
  • Purchase Orders
  • Forecasting
  • Families and Groupings
  • Product Configurator
  • Return Merchandise
  • Trade Promotions
  • Blanket Sales Orders and Releases
  • Bill of Materials
  • Engineering Change Control
  • Requirements Planning
  • Lot Traceability
  • Quotations
  • Work in Progress
  • SYSPRO Factory Scheduling
  • Business-to-Business Trading
  • SYSPRO-to-SYSPRO Interface

Audit trails and reporting

  • Comprehensive audit trails for all transactions
  • Detailed inventory movement reports with flexible run-time options
  • Interactive valuation with graphical representation
  • Various exception reports to streamline analysis
  • Purchasing worksheet to assist buyers
  • ABC Analysis facilitate efficient management of resources


SYSPRO’s Landed Cost Tracking (LCT) provides visibility of imported goods through shipment trading and enables greater control of all associated costs, resulting in accurate landed costs.

Within SYSPRO, Landed Cost Tracking enables you to track shipments of imported goods, monitor the progress and estimated arrival times of shipments, and establish a reliable estimate of the overall cost of imported goods. It also aids the calculation of a more accurate actual cost at which to receive the goods. It provides an actual cost comparison to the various estimates made during the procurement cycle and enables the archiving of completed shipments and associated costs.

The Facts
The Benefits of Landed Cost Tracking

  • Identify all cost elements associated with goods that are imported
  • Monitor the progress of arrival dates of shipments
  • Simplify the receipt of shipments by pre-costing the shipment before the goods arrive
  • Compare actual invoice cost with estimated costs for all cost elements
  • Select suppliers based on shipping routes and associated costs
  • Achieve true landed cost for each product through accurate cost apportionment based on volume, value, quantity, etc.
  • Receive traceable stock items through inspection with lot and/or serial numbers
  • Take advantage of the Goods Received Note (GRN) system to trace element costs for accurate invoice matching
  • Allow for different tariff codes
  • Expected arrival date automatically updated when shipping date is revised
  • Ability to transfer landed cost price (merchandise and non-merchandise costs separately) to the inventory warehouse costs

Landed Cost Tracking Features

  • Define multiple alternate shipping routes for each stock item
  • Combine multiple purchase orders into a single shipment
  • Automatic cost roll-up feature to identify difference between landed costs and current inventory costs
  • Revise shipment quantities if different to the original purchase order
  • Designate the currency rates for customs exchange calculations
  • Define a bill of costs for each inventory item per route
  • Register supplier invoices against the shipment registration system
  • Archive the shipment once all the actual costs have been accumulated

Integration with SYSPROIntegration with SYSPRO

  • Inventory (Essential)
  • Purchase Orders (Essential)
  • Accounts Payable

Audit trails and reporting

  • Inventory journals produced when warehouse costs are updated
  • Provide detailed shipment tracking report
  • Sales Order Action Report cross references customer back orders with incoming shipments for improved customer service
  • Retain shipments on file as required


SYSPRO Lot Traceability enables you to maximize quality control through the tracking and replacement of any defective materials. It caters for the tracking of materials through their receipt, manufacture, assembly, inspection, stocking and final distribution, while maintaining quality assurance certification and tracking expiration dates. It also facilitates efficient and effective recalls.

The Lot Traceability system is designed to provide full traceability at transactional level for items that could cause loss of life or limb if quality standards are not adhered to.

Companies in highly-regulated industries for safety or health compliance (e.g. electronics, aeronautics, defense, food, pharmaceutical, medical devices and motor vehicles) would typically benefit from the Lot Traceability system. Integration with SYSPRO’s other modules permits full upward and downward traceability through all inventory transactions.

The Facts
The Benefits of Lot Traceability

  • Maintain a history of traceable items for accountability and customer service follow-up
  • Keep detailed notes about inspections
  • Provide reject control and documentation
  • Furnish shelf-life control
  • Trace semi-finished or finished products from the supplier of raw materials through to the customer
  • Optionally allow the same lot number to be used for multiple stock item
  • Archive information on traceable items to conserve disk resources
  • View an on-screen query of current and/or archived data

Lot Traceability Features

  • Query by item use (which customer, invoice, job, etc.) or by item supplied (which supplier, purchase order, stock item)
  • Trace serialized and non-serialized inventory items
  • Automatically or manually assign lot numbers as goods are received
  • Default lot number to work order number for easy traceability
  • Document all rejects and scrap
  • Locate data when lot or serial numbers are not known with flexible search program
  • Optional auto-depletion of lots
  • Optional full or sample inspection of lots during purchase order and work order receipts
  • Ability to reserve lot numbers to manufacture in Work in Progress
  • Ability to reserve component lots for specific jobs
  • Optional tracking of lots from component to parent

Integration with SYSPRO

  • Inventory
  • Purchase Orders
  • Sales Orders
  • Work in Progress

Audit trails and reporting

  • Extensive reporting in detail or summary
  • Report on current and/or archived costs


SYSPRO Product Configurator offers multiple configuration options to customers in a controlled, cost-effective and user-friendly manner in order to maximize customer service and operational efficiency.

It enables manufacturers to differentiate their product offerings through the customization of product to meet customer specifications and can help reduce configuration errors, while also reducing the involvement of experts in routine transactions.

The Product Configurator provides a rules-based configurator that will primarily help companies efficiently process products that are manufactured-to-order, assembled-to-order or sold in many configurations. It can also help reduce configuration errors, while reducing the involvement of experts in routine transactions.

Pre-defined user configurations are set up to control the configuration process and eliminate invalid product options and options relationships. The configuration can be set up to create a stocked parent part, non-stocked parent or both. Once the parent has been defined, non-technical people can use a Wizard to create a viable customized product for a bill of material, job, sales order, estimate, quote or a combination of these. You can also retain libraries of commonly configured items.

The Facts
The Benefits of Product Configurator

  • Ensure viable products with rules-based configurations
  • Improve order entry by being able to configure complex products on the fly
  • Provide an option to configure a standard inventory item
  • Maintain a library of common configurations to easily recall repeat orders
  • Calculate configurations based on the dimensions selected
  • Ideal for engineer-to-order and configure-to-order environments

Product Configurator Features

  • Define selection criteria to determine the number of options presented for configuration
  • Store and recall commonly used configurations
  • Selection criteria can be optional or mandatory
  • Selections may be dependent on other selections
  • Generate labor requirements based on configuration options
  • Develop component dependencies based on options
  • Create availability of critical items before processing
  • Prevent premature use with under development indicator
  • Optionally create a new inventory part and BOM from configured selections
  • Optionally generate custom work order and linked sales order
  • Drive demand through production by generating sales orders for standard parts
  • Print selections on order documents
  • Links the options to stock codes and operations
  • Option to generate non-stocked items or kit types
  • Generate intelligent part number based on selections
  • Base costs on bill of material or inventory cost

Integration with SYSPRO

Integrates with the following modules:

  • Inventory (Essential)
  • Accounts Receivable
  • Sales Orders
  • Bill of Materials
  • Quotations
  • Work in Progress

Audit trails and reporting

  • Check the gross profit of the configured items to ensure profit remains within acceptable limits
  • Test the configurations to verify that all the available options are dealt with accurately
  • Define invalid selections to verify that each configuration complies with technical requirements
  • Check the availability dates for resale products


SYSPRO Purchase Orders is an integral part of the distribution and manufacturing functions and enables the monitoring of the quality, accuracy, lead times and costs of purchases while providing comprehensive supplier performance analysis.

The Purchase Order system includes a Goods Received Notes Suspense System (GRN) for Accounts Payable invoice matching; a Requisition System and a Supplier’s Performance report, along with free-format requisitions and foreign currency options. Goods can be received directly into a warehouse or can go through an inspection phase. Various pricing mechanisms can be used, such as contracts with suppliers, foreign prices, the warehouse cost or last cost from the supplier. Supplier performance can be monitored and reported on.

The Requisition System includes the ability to monitor capital expenditure and also includes complete route tracking of the request. It enables an operator (who is assigned a user code) to request items to be purchased. The request is then routed through various user codes and associated authority levels until the final stage, when the request is converted into a live purchase order. These routes and authority levels are user-defined and in some instances the approval can be automated if the requisition value is below a specified amount.

The Facts
The Benefits of Purchase Orders

  • Place orders using current cost, last price paid or contract pricing
  • Analyze vendor performance for delivery, pricing and quality
  • Goods Received Notes (GRN) facility provides A/P to P/O matching and variance reporting
  • Streamline purchasing with requisitions and authorization procedures
  • Generate requisitions from customer back orders
  • Fax or email P/O documents
  • Link P/O to Sales Order or Work Order
  • Manage stocked and/or non-stocked items
  • Customize multiple P/O and GRN document formats

Purchase Orders Features

  • Detailed queries with graphical purchase order commitment
  • Retains original and revised dates
  • Requisitions completed by creating a stores issue of a supply chain transfer order
  • Requisitions groups cater for approval levels and budgets
  • Supplier stock code cross-referencing with pricing
  • Notepad facility to record P/O notes
  • Follow-up codes and dates to expedite purchases
  • Order for multiple due dates and warehouses
  • Two stage receipting for inspection items
  • Order stocked and non-stocked items on same order
  • Purchase in multiple units with user-defined conversion rates
  • Automatically include comments for each line item
  • Interface efficiently with data collection system
  • Receive directly into Work in Progress
  • Call-off against blanket P/O
  • Non-merchandise apportionment across all lines
  • Export P/O in XML format
  • Manage purchases by specifying approved manufacturers

Integration with SYSPRO

  • Accounts Payable
  • General Ledger
  • Assets Register
  • Activity Based Costing
  • Inventory
  • Landed Cost Tracking
  • Sales Orders
  • Quotations
  • Requirements Planning
  • Work in Progress
  • SYSPRO Factory Scheduling
  • Business-to-Business Trading

Audit trails and reporting

  • Full inventory journals are generated for P/O receipts
  • The GRN system monitors variances between receipt and the invoiced price or P/O price and current/standard cost
  • Expediting reports prompt buyers to follow up by vendor, by item, etc.
  • Extensive vendor performance reports
  • Prints inspection documents on-line
  • Provides the facility to print local or foreign purchase orders
  • Gives the receipt history and tracks scrap/rejections per supplier

SYSPRO Return Merchandise provides an easy, efficient method of controlling the return or exchange of items sold to customers, ensuring visibility and tracking of the item until the transaction is concluded.

You issue an RMA once the customer notifies you of the intent to return a product. At this point you can cross-ship a replacement item to the customer (e.g. when the customer is unable to return the defective item without first having a replacement item).

A receipting stage enables you to receive the returned merchandise. Thereafter, you have a number of options that include: creating a works order to repair the faulty product; scrap the product; receive the product back into your warehouse, and crediting the customer or exchanging the product. In addition the goods can be returned to the Vendor and normal warranty condition could apply.

If the stock item being returned is part of a bill of materials, then when exchanging the product you have the option of restocking the components.

The Facts
The Benefits of Return Merchandise

  • Improve customer service through instant onscreen access to all RMA information
  • Retain unlimited history of RMAs
  • Maintain unlimited transaction volumes
  • Complete visibility of returned inventory
  • Identify recurring problems by analyzing the reasons for returns
  • Provide various options when receiving RMAs such as repair, scrap, return to supplier, restock or take no action
  • Avoid costly mistakes by automatically calculating associated return charges
  • Verify warranty dates, price and the quantity purchased
  • Facilitate immediate replacement cross-shipments to customers returning goods

Return Merchandise Features

  • Unique return codes
  • Flexible options that customize processing
  • Return period for RMAs issued
  • Immediate notification if RMA is invalid
  • Automated restocking charge fees
  • Analysis of multiple receiving actions
  • Look up sold items and validate them
  • Process stocked and non-stocked items
  • Enter multiple line items per RMA
  • Customize processing with flexible options
  • Create repair work orders for items within or out of warranty
  • Initiate Inter Branch Transfer (IBT) transactions
  • Set default warehouses for RMA returns and subsequently transfer to repair warehouse after inspection

Integration with SYSPRO

  • Accounts Receivable
  • Accounts Payable
  • Inventory
  • Sales Orders
  • Bill of Materials
  • Work in Progress

Audit trails and reporting

  • Full on-screen query of the status of returned material can be accessed at any time
  • Allows printing of RMA authorization documents, reports and labels
  • Returns can be tracked by action codes through RMA reporting
  • Supports lot and serial number control
  • Provides daily receipt listing


SYSPRO Sales Analysis provides accurate management information relating to sales activity in order to improve sales profitability and provide facilities for sales forecasting and planning at customer and product class levels.

SYSPRO Sales Analysis also assists in determining the extent to which a sales force has met its sales objectives through the provision of analysis on how well Sales people and product groups are performing compared to budgets available.

The Sales Analysis system is the focal point for the accumulation of sales data generated from other modules. Sales history is accumulated in a wide variety of user-defined formats such as: salesperson, product class, customer, warehouse, geographic area, customer class, stock code, order type and branch. Information can be displayed in bar charts or reports. Various budgets and targets can be entered based on user-defined groupings. In addition Tax and Commission reporting can be performed.

The Facts
The Benefits of Sales Analysis

  • Identify the most profitable customers
  • Know which products are selling
  • Analyze market trends and geographic buying patterns
  • Calculate the profit generated by each product
  • Determine which divisions of business are selling
  • Identify which salespeople are performing
  • Instantly display sales performance for presentations and reports with business graphics
  • Improve sales forecasting
  • Measure actual performance against quantity or revenue forecasts
  • Analyze tax collections
  • Set targets against customers and/or products
  • Compare against budgets per product group and/ or sales person
  • Protect the bottom line by checking that a minimum profit is realized on all sales

Sales Analysis Features

  • Choose the data to analyze with user-defined sales history options
  • Retain analysis against sub-accounts (branches) while invoicing the master account (head office)
  • Create budgets (expected sales or quotas) for salespeople, customers and product lines utilizing user-defined time period for analysis (day, week, etc.)
  • Retain up to 24 months of sales history online
  • Update sales analysis statistical files at anytime
  • Correct sales transactions without interrupting invoicing
  • Update invoice and detail line data online as invoices are printed
  • Update statistical values separately to allow control of the contents of the Sales Analysis database

Integration with SYSPRO

  • Accounts Receivable
  • Inventory
  • Sales Orders

Audit trails and reporting

  • Provide user-defined selection criteria for flexible reporting
  • Sales Profitability Analysis reports line item gross profit
  • Provides daily and monthly sales turnover reports
  • Allow actual to budget comparisons and profitability analysis by salesperson and product type
  • Highlight missing invoice numbers
  • Document all minimum profitability overrides

Generate extensive reports such as:

  • Sales by salesperson
  • Customer
  • Product type
  • Branch
  • Geographic area
  • Profit by invoice, etc.
  • Provides sales tax reporting in detail or summary
  • Allow commission calculation and reporting
  • Consolidated reporting of sales tax


SYSPRO Sales Orders enhances customer service through fast, efficient order processing and accurate, timely order fulfilment, while maximizing sales through instant access to information about stock availability, prices and possible substitutions.

SYSPRO’s Sales Order solution is the heart of the distribution section of SYSPRO. It enables the capture of sales orders in a variety of user-defined formats for a variety of purposes: to allocate stock (if appropriate); maintain back orders; produce picking slips; confirm orders; process inter-branch transfers, supply chain transfers and/ or invoices, as required.

The system offers full invoicing with back order facilities, as well as online or batch documents. An available-to promise query can be accessed and a supplier/customer stock code to SYSPRO stock code cross-reference is available.

Various pricing methods are offered, including specific contract setup with a customer for specific products over a defined period of time.

In the event of stock shortages, stock can be replenished automatically by raising a purchase order, or creating a supply chain transfer from a supplying warehouse, or creating a job for made-in items.

An extensive credit and terms checking facility exists, which can be tailored according to specific requirements.

The Facts
The Benefits of Sales Orders

  • Personalize business needs and reduce errors with flexible pricing options
  • Accommodate various sales processing environments
  • Quick access to data facilitates professional and efficient customer service
  • Easily convert on-the-fly quotations to an order
  • Real-time access to availability, prices, substitutes and ATP
  • Maximize profits with margin checking and powerful pricing tools
  • Order discounts per customer and/or product class
  • Sell in foreign currencies
  • Control ordering with customer-based rules
  • Facilitate delivery promising, scheduling and picking with load planning feature

Sales Orders Features

  • Manage promotional pricing with contracts for customers and buying groups
  • Apply a handling fee and deposit on selected items
  • Separately record labor associated with a repair/service work order
  • Flexible billing arrangements for multiple location customers
  • Consolidated invoice across multiple orders and/or deliveries
  • Substitution of stock items allowed
  • Place orders using the customers, suppliers or approved manufacturers part number
  • Print on-line or in batch with reprint facility
  • Apply freight, service and miscellaneous charges
  • Sales kits with optional components
  • Copy details from one order to another
  • Create job/SCT/purchase order for shortages
  • Customize items using the Product Configurator
  • Manually or automatically deplete of bins/lots
  • Enter quantities as cases and units, or as 2 or 3 dimensional
  • Real-time credit checking with email notification
  • Archive completed sales orders as XML documents
  • Facility to randomly query best price for customer, stock code, quantity combination
  • Tax and invoice rounding to cater for small coins
  • Customer rules catered for during the sales order process
  • Duplicate invoice numbering checks
  • Purge data

Integration with SYSPRO

  • Accounts Receivable
  • Activity Based Costing
  • Inventory
  • Counter Sales
  • Return Merchandise
  • Trade Promotions
  • Blanket Sales Orders and Releases
  • Purchase Orders
  • Product Configurator
  • Sales Analysis
  • Lot Traceability
  • Quotations
  • Bill of Materials
  • SYSPRO Factory Scheduling
  • Business-to-Business Trading
  • Forecasting
  • Engineering Change Control
  • Requirements Planning
  • Work in Progress

Audit trails and reporting

  • Analysis of order lines added, changed, canceled or lost
  • Provides time stamping of orders taken
  • Cross reference orders and invoices
  • Multiple outstanding order and backorder reports
  • Order commitment reports for user-defined time periods
  • Order profitability analysis
  • Track price overrides


SYSPRO Reporting Services (SRS) provides high-quality Financial and Operational reports and documents, together with visual analysis capabilities. SRS provides flexibility for designing reports to almost any requirement. SRS reports are version-independent and seamlessly migrate with SYSPRO upgrades

Document Services in SYSPRO Reporting Services

By converting the Document Services to SRS, documents such as invoices and order delivery notes can be archived, retrieved and searched using SYSPRO Reporting Services architecture, and can be scheduled to automate batch printing of documents. In addition documents can be printed to more than one device.

General Ledger Financial Report Writer in SYSPRO Reporting Services

The SYSPRO 6.1 conversion of General Ledger Financial Report Writer to SRS enables significantly easier and quicker creation of reports. It comes with greater flexibility, including hyperlinking to other documentation and extensive customization tools for tailoring the presentation of reports.

The Facts
The Benefits of SYSPRO Reporting Services

  • Produce boardroom quality reporting through the flexibility to design reports to almost any requirement
  • Tailor any standard SYSPRO report to match your requirements
  • Quick and easy access to information
  • Fast and efficient retrieval of report history and archived reports
  • Dynamic chart and analysis capabilities
  • Real-time reporting with interactive hyperlinks to details, other applications or reports
  • Convenient report scheduling
  • Protected and secure access and to and distribution of information
  • Dynamic filtering of report content
  • Convenient and efficient sharing of information and reports between users and companies

SYSPRO Reporting Services Features

  • Utilizes the extensive power of Crystal Reports
  • Configures forms for report options and preferences
  • Customizes report fields, layout and themes
  • Version-independent so that companies can upgrade to a new version of SYSPRO without negatively affecting customized reports
  • Offers report completion notification
  • Report archiving facility
  • Automatic translation of report headings into specific languages
  • Run multiple reports simultaneously in the background
  • Print a document to more than one device
  • Delete existing unused document templates
  • On-screen alerts, providing visual notification of pre-defined conditions
  • Publish multi-format documents
  • Offers alternative to Word printing
  • Access data from external sources
  • Import and export of documents including data from external sources
  • Email documents in PDF format

Integration with SYSPRO

  • Integrates with all modules
  • Crystal 2008 embedded to write and render reports


SYSPRO’s comprehensive Trade Promotions functionality provides increased control and efficient management of your promotions, thereby reducing time-consuming reconciliations and improving accuracy and profitability. Furthermore, SYSPRO provides clear visibility to Pareto, forecasting, inventory and sales data thereby enabling the quick identification of suitable items for promotion, such as new, rebranded and seasonal items, slow movers or those nearing expiry date.

Trade Promotion features enable efficient implementation and management of the many types of trade promotions that are routinely offered, such as temporary price reductions off invoice, accruals for later redemption, special offers and free goods combinations. Promotions can be applied across groups of items based on quantity, mass or volume and for various customer and location groupings. Multiple promotions can be configured to be applied either automatically or by review at order entry or import time.

The Facts
The Benefits of Trade Promotions

  • Specifically written for the Consumer Package Goods Industry and industries that sell through retail outlets that have to manage trade promotions and deductions
  • Expanded specific pricing functionality
  • Expanded Promotion functionality
  • Expanded Deduction capture review and reconciliation functionality
  • Invoice accuracy minimizes costly errors
  • Improved visibility and ability to annotate transactions
  • Minimized write-offs resulting from lack of visibility
  • Increased profitability due to control of promotions and deductions
  • Expanded specific Credit checking features
  • Effective and efficient reconciliation of accounts
  • Increase cash-flow by reducing problem accounts
  • Effective single and multi-level credit checking

Complex Pricing


  • Pricing product groups may be defined
  • Bracket pricing on multiple levels based on quantity, volume or weight
  • Separate price groups may be setup for delivery or pickup
  • Pricing groups can cover multiple line items in order entry. allowing prices to be recalculated at any time
  • Recalculate line item pricing in order entry at any time to obtain correct group pricing
  • Automatic application of bracket pricing for incoming SYSPRO EDI orders

Flexible promotions

  • Ability to set up promotions for either order date or requested delivery date ranges
  • Promotion qualification by weight, volume or quantity
  • Promotions take the form of off-invoices allowances, accruals and free goods
  • Promotions types can be designated as specific prices or percentage discounts
  • Off-invoice promotions take the form of price changes, line promotions or line discounts
  • Accrued promotions can be matched with specific deduction codes
  • Free goods give flexibility of choice by allowing ordered stock or specific stock to be supplied free or at a reduced price
  • Facilitate tracking of accrued promotions
  • Promotion review allows payback by cash or credit
  • All promotion types can apply to an individual line or to the whole order
  • Automatic application of all qualified promotions for incoming SYSPRO EDI orders

Deduction capture with cash application

  • Deductions captured at the time of A/R Payment processing
  • Automatic adjustments of A/R invoices
  • Review, change and split deduction amounts among customers and change deduction codes on one screen
  • Changes and splits deduction amounts among customers and change deduction codes on one screen
  • Allows resolution, write-off, and matching of deductions to available accrued promotions
  • Automatically write off small amounts
  • Keep notes and maintain follow-up dates
  • Reinstate unauthorized deductions as A/R debit memos

Multiple level credit checking

  • Facility to establish multi-level hierarchy of customers contained within the ERP system, in addition to corporate holding companies external to the system
  • Credit limit set and checked against any level
  • Selective inclusion of outstanding deductions in credit checking

Integration with SYSPRO

Integrates with the following modules:

  • Accounts Receivable (Essential)
  • Inventory
  • Sales Orders (Essential)